when raindrops start to fall
on a hot summers day
luke warm water dripping down
and Petrichor has come my way
her perfume fills the sky
a warm scent of grasses and hay

sweet Petrichor came to town
and change has come our way
sweet Petrichor came to town
sure hope she’s here to stay
sweet Petrichor came to town
i smell her fine bouquet

it’s been way too long
since we had some rain
raindrops jumping on the ground
like falling on a membrane
the soil is far too dry - too dry
to dry to get drained

i love her ticking sound
and her scent is rather strange
sweet Petrichor is all around
she’s a messenger of change
come outside and celebrate
the drought must be deranged

as soon as i found out there is a word for the scent of rain on a hot summers day, i knew that there was a song in this ~ sitting in my car, listening to the irregular ticking sound of the thick first raindrops ~ immediately followed by that weird scent ~ and like allways it's not only about rain here ~ there is change in the air

no additional credits

play full screen, volume loud, stare at the center and be patient


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