now let me tell you
about polyurethane
great stuff, really amazing
this foam’s insane
it can isolate your
hollow spaces

but pay attention
it can have a nasty
side effect you
don’t want to neglect
it expands, in all directions
it can become a vicious blob

some things come up
like a blob, you see it
coming and you
want it to stop
it’s disrupting and
pushing things apart

there’s this blob that moves
like freedom is a right to ignore
and it goes on and on
and on and on, isolating
everything in it’s way
the blob is everywhere
it is alone
and so are you

now this is weird shit ~ i've always been fascinated by polyurethane foam ~ but things always get messy because it expands more than you wish ~ and it sticks ~ but there is more to it...

in addition to credits page: theme: eric hoeboer ~ digital guitars by hs

play full screen, volume loud, stare at the center and be patient


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