it’s dark
no sound no movement
no sight
i’m wide awake
in the middle of the night


on the outside so calm and at ease
but my breath is high and underneath
there’s a deep dark rumble inside
lots of thoughts arise and collide
how do i stop this

can’t sleep
besieged by an army of thoughts
they repeat and they stumble and fall
ideas, they all come and go
some good, but I can’t let go
tomorrow, it’s all gone

i’m gonna get up
i’m gotta get up
i’m gotta get up
and write it down
i’m gotta get up
and write it down

sometimes sleep won’t come ~ it might be a troubled mind, but sometimes it’s just too much activity ~ creativity flows ~ better get out and write things down ~ to clear the mind and to be sure that tomorrow you still know what came up ~ the theme of this song revealed itself in a sleepless night

in addition to credits page: special thanks to erik schoonderwoerd for finding the chords with the melody ~ some guitar by hs ~ background vocals by yara stoffels

play full screen, volume loud, stare at the center and be patient


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